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Friday, April 17, 2009

latest bowls


  1. They echo nature amazing!

  2. Wow.. your work is unique, stunning and quite beautiful.

  3. These are absolutely amazing! They're on the list for mother's day presents!!

  4. i saw your work originally on etsy (i think) and then on cosa verde and other places, too. it is just gorgeous. most recycled art is not terribly looks...recycled. your work doesn't even hint at that. it was born to use pet bottles. so magnificent. i would love to have a chandelier and i would love to see a huge style light installation. it would just be magical. a combination of fairy lights and small pieces of your work would be amazing...outside in the garden or inside.

  5. it can be hard to make a comment to accurately appreciate this kind of art. so lovely!

  6. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Hey Gulnur...

    As always, the mistics of Turkey astounds me. I love you country and the haritage... And I see in your works again the reason why. Thank you..

    I myself am from Israel. here we created a 2nd hand market called "heart of the world" (a phrase from jewdaism), which also hosts some local eco-friendly artists... Your work is very touching. I wish we could appreciate your creations here aswell....
    Do you think theres any way to bring it here to Israel? :)
    even if not.. simpley overwhelming

    Thank you
    Ill be happy to hear from you more.
    I Love Turkey

  7. J'aime beaucoup tes créations avec du Pet , c'est très original! BRAVO !