Wednesday, October 07, 2009



  1. Julia4:18 PM

    I admire so much your work! I left a question some time ago... you may not have seen it. I am curious to know how you "duplicate" or mirror the image. I'm learning graphic design (mostly self-taught)... would love to have your advice! Thanks!

  2. thank you very much for the nice words. I take the photographs on a mirror. it is much simpler to do so than any image processing afterwards.

  3. Thanks Gulnur! I try taking pictures of small objects in a mirror but when I shoot the background becomes grey. How do you keep it so perfect white? Do you use any kind of special lighting?

  4. here is my trick: I place the mirror in front of the window and force it to reflect the sky. the sky should not be cloudy for this to be successful.
    after that, if the bground color is lightly grey or blue, I transform it to white on photoshop(levels).

  5. Julia2:52 AM

    You are the BEST! Thank you!!
    I was experimenting with black foamboard and artificial light. Then I would change to white or other colors with photoshop. I love learning new things all the time! Between you and Ohran Pamuk, my next trip --Turkey!! :)

  6. Julia7:33 PM

    Hi Gulnur, finally a sunny day and also at home... I was trying your trick. Put the object on the mirror, got the picture with both object and mirrored image, the rest is blue because the mirror reflects the sky.
    Now, when I go to Photoshop and change "levels", the whole picture becomes white or black. If I select the object, then I can change the blue background, but the blue that's on the object won't change. And I saw that your flower doesn't have a hint of blue on the petals. How you do that? I'd love to get this done well. Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks!

  7. Anonymous3:18 AM

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  8. Anonymous3:01 AM

    Do you put silver around the edges of your flowers?